Release Notes - .NET Data provider - Version - Text format


  • [DNET-335] - The nullable flag of a stored procedure parameter seems to be wrong
  • [DNET-671] - Null Object reference Exception while starting Serializable level transaction with ASP.NET
  • [DNET-744] - Unable to connect bundled embedded database on macOS


  • [DNET-691] - Parse all lines from isc_info_firebird_version
  • [DNET-692] - GetServerVersion should use the last (most precise) line from isc_info_firebird_version
  • [DNET-693] - Cache None and Octets checks in Charset



  • [DNET-650] - Handling isc_formatted_exception
  • [DNET-652] - Support for new fields in MON$ATTACHMENTS
  • [DNET-653] - Support for -skip_data

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