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  • [DNET-360] - 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred in FB_965910463.dll on Dataadapter.Update when using threads
  • [DNET-701] - No exception with ExecuteReader()
  • [DNET-712] - Problem with accented letters in charset NONE
  • [DNET-716] - Connection to Firebird throws NullReferenceException on mono
  • [DNET-724] - IOException in GdsEventManager
  • [DNET-725] - Connect throws System.PlatformNotSupportedException in Linux (NET Core)


  • [DNET-726] - Support for SIO_LOOPBACK_FAST_PATH


  • [DNET-711] - Throw NotSupportedException for CROSS/OUTER APPLY

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