Release Notes - .NET Data provider - Version - Text format


  • [DNET-749] - StackOverflowException when FbDataReader is disposed from FbCommand and has CommandBehavior.CloseConnection
  • [DNET-752] - No SQL-Statements in the console
  • [DNET-755] - System.IndexOutOfRangeException
  • [DNET-758] - NuGet reference to Microsoft.Extensions.PlatformAbstractions is outdated
  • [DNET-759] - License URL is wrong


  • [DNET-430] - Make Events connection independent
  • [DNET-528] - FbRemoteEvents In Windows Service


  • [DNET-751] - In netstandard1.6's NuGet reference NETStandard.Library and then extra packages
  • [DNET-757] - FbRemoteEvents rework

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