Release Notes - Firebird Core - Version 2.5 RC2 - HTML format


  • [CORE-2728] - Access Violation when trying to add an user that already exists
  • [CORE-2735] - isql hangs when trying to show a view based on a procedure
  • [CORE-2741] - Naive metadata extraction code in isql is defeated by "check" keyword typed in mixed case
  • [CORE-2755] - SIMILAR TO works wrongly
  • [CORE-2760] - FB 2.5 freezes during data pump operations
  • [CORE-2765] - Use of RDB$ADMIN role does not provide SYSDBA rights in GRANT/REVOKE
  • [CORE-2766] - Error "page 0 is of wrong type (expected 6, found 1)" is thrown while accessing a non-corrupted table
  • [CORE-2768] - ALTERING OR DROPPING PROCEDURE which has type of domain parameter leads to attempt to delete that domain
  • [CORE-2771] - AV at backup of database with GTT
  • [CORE-2775] - Linux packages miss fbtrace.conf
  • [CORE-2778] - SegFault in services when using same handle in different threads
  • [CORE-2779] - User list header is displayed at the end of each returning data call to fbsvcmgr
  • [CORE-2781] - AV in fbtracemgr when command line swithes set wrongly
  • [CORE-2783] - AV using recursive query as subquery in SELECT list and ORDER'ing by them
  • [CORE-2785] - BLOB transliteration problem in a specific case
  • [CORE-2790] - Authentication fails with mixed parameter in firebird.conf
  • [CORE-2792] - Bad extraction syntax for procedure's parameter based on table's field
  • [CORE-2793] - Binary representation of the backup file is inconsistent among subsequent backup/restore cycles
  • [CORE-2797] - Problem with default value of SP parameter
  • [CORE-2804] - Problems with COMMENT ON and strings using introducer (charset)
  • [CORE-2806] - Views based on procedures can't be created if the proc's output fields participate in an expression
  • [CORE-2807] - Problem with tracing on Linux
  • [CORE-2811] - 'Unsuccessful execution' error when updating a record
  • [CORE-2814] - Bus error while sorting/merging on SPARC
  • [CORE-2815] - PIP page could be marked after it was really changed
  • [CORE-2817] - If stored procedure or trigger contains query with PLAN ORDER it could fail after disconnect of attachment where procedure\trigger executed first time
  • [CORE-2820] - Small memory leak in query with PLAN ORDER
  • [CORE-2822] - Error "no current row for fetch operation" when subquery includes a non-trivial derived table
  • [CORE-2824] - Small memory and handles leak at every connect\disconnect
  • [CORE-2831] - isql shouldn't display db and user name when extracting a script
  • [CORE-2836] - fb_cancel_operation() incorrectly modifies rdb_status_vector
  • [CORE-2837] - Asynchronous query cancellation (via Ctrl+C) does not work
  • [CORE-2840] - Engine crashes if the NULL attachment handle is passed from the Y-valve
  • [CORE-2842] - Timeout with latchs in CCH does not work


  • [CORE-2754] - Hint the user about -FIX_FSS_METADATA and -FIX_FSS_DATA when restore fail with malformed string error
  • [CORE-2767] - Add ability to the trace plugin to configure traced services events on per-service name basis
  • [CORE-2769] - Make XNET_CONNECT_TIMEOUT in xnet.h user configurable
  • [CORE-2773] - Let "Start trace session" service report ID of newly created trace session
  • [CORE-2774] - Let "Start trace session" service report if there was no trace plugin's loaded by the engine
  • [CORE-2821] - Add indication about log size limit for trace API

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