Release Notes - Firebird Core - Version 2.1.6 - HTML format


  • [CORE-2165] - Unnecessary 1 index read may occur when using strict inequality condition
  • [CORE-2349] - False "Invalid SQLDA" error
  • [CORE-2648] - Nbackup's delta file ignored Forced Writes database setting
  • [CORE-2912] - Exception when upper casing string with lowercase y trema (code 0xFF in ISO8859_1 )
  • [CORE-2966] - Wrong results or unexpected errors while sorting a large data set
  • [CORE-3360] - update ... returning ... raises -551 (no perm to update) for a column present only in the returning clause
  • [CORE-3855] - Blobs, inserted into GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS, could be placed into newly allocated pages even if there is enough free place on some existing data page
  • [CORE-3859] - Too many different dynamic events crash server
  • [CORE-3875] - GBak does not check correctly parameters and backups random database with -B ":"
  • [CORE-3895] - High memory usage when PSQL code SELECT's from stored procedure which modified some data
  • [CORE-3940] - I/O error during "GetFileSize" operation for file XXXX
  • [CORE-4002] - Error message "index unexpectedly deleted" in database trigger on commit transaction
  • [CORE-4011] - start stop status undetected for superclassic and superserver under RH and Mageia
  • [CORE-4036] - Bugcheck or database corruption when attempting to store long incompressible data into a table
  • [CORE-4051] - Memory leak when sorting records larger than 32 KB
  • [CORE-4058] - Remote Stack Buffer Overflow in Firebird SQL Server
  • [CORE-4093] - Server crashes while converting an overscaled numeric to a string
  • [CORE-4107] - wrong resultset (subquery + derived table + union)
  • [CORE-4117] - COMPUTED BY field is evaluated as NULL if used as an exception parameter directly
  • [CORE-4123] - Firebird crash when executing an stored procedure called by a trigger that converts string to upper
  • [CORE-4127] - Server crashes instead of reporting the error "key size exceeds implementation restriction"
  • [CORE-4144] - Error "context already in use (BLR error)" when preparing a query with UNION
  • [CORE-4214] - GTT should not reference permanent relation
  • [CORE-4298] - fbsvcmgr doesn't recognise sts_record_versions and other sts switches
  • [CORE-4302] - Lookup (or scan) in descending index could be very inefficient for some keys
  • [CORE-4323] - FB 2.1.5 64bits Windows zip kit misses fbsvcmgr.exe
  • [CORE-4327] - Error in QLI when copying NULL blobs between databases


  • [CORE-3881] - Extend the error reported for index/constraint violations to include the problematic key value
  • [CORE-4386] - Report more details for "object in use" errors

New Feature

  • [CORE-4437] - Add support for the RETURNING clause to Embedded SQL
  • [CORE-4438] - Add support for UPDATE OR INSERT statement to Embedded SQL

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