Release Notes - Jaybird JCA/JDBC Driver - Version Jaybird 2.2.6 - Text format


  • [JDBC-330] - Updatable resultsets without primary key do not work in Firebird 3
  • [JDBC-350] - Processing and closing the ResultSet from callable statement and then using the getters throws NullPointerException
  • [JDBC-353] - FBManagedConnectionFactory.tryCompleteInLimboTransaction doesn't work with recent Firebird 3 builds
  • [JDBC-359] - When the server fails (due to a full disk) the client can get into a NPE inside jaybird
  • [JDBC-362] - Can't use Jaybird with distributed transactions. Calling close on a connection triggers exception
  • [JDBC-364] - Incorrect use of WeakHashMap in FBManagedConnectionFactory and FBDriver
  • [JDBC-370] - FBRowUpdater buildInsertStatement doesn't quote column names
  • [JDBC-371] - EncodingFactory doesn't handle UnsupportedCharsetException
  • [JDBC-372] - Current method of quoting in FBRowUpdater incorrect for dialect 1
  • [JDBC-376] - Fetching rows from FB 3 Beta 1 results in NullPointerException

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