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  • [DNET-313] - Error insertion of array type fields
  • [DNET-347] - FbBatchExecution: Cannot determine SQL statement for ALTER CHARACTER SET
  • [DNET-456] - BLOB field in EF4 generate System.NotSupportedException: PrimitiveTypeKind.Binary
  • [DNET-624] - Embedded does not read OCTETS correctly


  • [DNET-532] - The performance when doing parametrized builk inserts is poor
  • [DNET-621] - Increase pagesize of CREATE DATABASE command to 16384 in order to o create bigger indices
  • [DNET-622] - Performance optimization for FbCommand.LogCommand
  • [DNET-625] - FbDatabasesInfo immutable class
  • [DNET-626] - FbServerConfig immutable class
  • [DNET-629] - Faster marshaling


  • [DNET-602] - Some unit tests for FbTrace

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