Release Notes - Firebird Core - Version 2.5.8 - HTML format


  • [CORE-2502] - Aliases and error about cyclic dependencies in CTE
  • [CORE-2731] - Recursive EXECUTE STATEMENT works wrong
  • [CORE-3596] - Client library cannot connect to the non-ASCII host name
  • [CORE-5415] - [security3.fdb] wrong page type page 22 is of wrong type (expected pointer, found index root)
  • [CORE-5521] - Race condition between event notification and event registration
  • [CORE-5522] - Engine could freeze up to 2 minutes and raise deadlock error when updating RDB$INDICES if it contains backversions
  • [CORE-5528] - internal Firebird consistency check (limbo impossible (184), file: vio.cpp line: 2379)
  • [CORE-5530] - Random AV at client application using events when connection was broken
  • [CORE-5566] - Server crashes while restoring backup if the shadow file already exists
  • [CORE-5579] - request synchronization error in the GBAK utility (restore)
  • [CORE-5591] - Engine hangs soon after some errors during transaction start
  • [CORE-5624] - using backslash in alias on linux does not work
  • [CORE-5641] - Segfault when exiting classic server with running sweep thread
  • [CORE-5643] - Message "Operating system call munmap failed. Error code 12" can appear in firebird.log under heavy load (2.5.x, CS, SC)
  • [CORE-5650] - Segfault when procedure dropped on classic server
  • [CORE-5655] - isc_info_sql_relation_alias reports incorrect alias for CTE or nested queries
  • [CORE-5675] - isc_vax_integer() and isc_portable_integer() work wrongly with short negative numbers
  • [CORE-5681] - AV when external statement is executed and local transaction is rolled back
  • [CORE-5684] - Error "no current record for fetch operation" is raised while deleting record from MON$ATTACHMENTS using ORDER BY clause


  • [CORE-5543] - Restore of pre ODS 11.1 database can leave RDB$RELATION_TYPE null
  • [CORE-5629] - gstat output does not include datetime of analysis
  • [CORE-5640] - New connections to database are slow when multiple connects happen at the same moment
  • [CORE-5674] - Allow unused Common Table Expressions

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