Release Notes - Firebird Core - Version 3.0.3 - HTML format


  • [CORE-2731] - Recursive EXECUTE STATEMENT works wrong
  • [CORE-2853] - page 14194, page type 5 lock conversion denied (215)
  • [CORE-5415] - [security3.fdb] wrong page type page 22 is of wrong type (expected pointer, found index root)
  • [CORE-5416] - [FB3] Memory Leaks. FB does not release memory after load tests.
  • [CORE-5510] - 3+ versions may send status vector with more then 20 items to old clients and cause disconnect
  • [CORE-5516] - Firebird service crashes when stopping
  • [CORE-5517] - Classic server periodically raise "Global mapping memory overflow" and need to be restarted to accept new connections
  • [CORE-5521] - Race condition between event notification and event registration
  • [CORE-5526] - External routines receives parameters with incorrect length or datatype
  • [CORE-5527] - External routines does not receive default values for they output parameters
  • [CORE-5528] - internal Firebird consistency check (limbo impossible (184), file: vio.cpp line: 2379)
  • [CORE-5533] - Crash on 3.0 and 4.0 when DB contains database-level trigger
  • [CORE-5535] - Garbage value in RDB$FIELD_SUB_TYPE in RDB$FUNCTION_ARGUMENTS after altering function
  • [CORE-5540] - Every other execution of embedded isql slow
  • [CORE-5542] - Database-level triggers related to TRANSACTION events (i.e. start, commit and rollback) do not take in account their POSITION index (when more than one trigger for the same event type is defined)
  • [CORE-5549] - Errors building / running FB on non-SSE enabled HW
  • [CORE-5550] - Computed decimal field in a view has wrong RDB$FIELD_PRECISION
  • [CORE-5553] - Database cannot be encrypted if DatabaseAccess is set to None
  • [CORE-5555] - 3.0 error handling for SELECT WITH LOCK breaks compatibility with 2.5
  • [CORE-5562] - Firebird crashes when UDF (Delphi?) gets loaded and unloaded frequently
  • [CORE-5566] - Server crashes while restoring backup if the shadow file already exists
  • [CORE-5567] - Direct system table modifications are not completely prohibited
  • [CORE-5569] - ISQL incorrectly pads UNICODE_FSS/UTF8 columns when they use a collation
  • [CORE-5570] - Negative infinity (double) shown incorrectly without sign in isql
  • [CORE-5576] - Bugcheck on queries containing WITH LOCK clause
  • [CORE-5579] - request synchronization error in the GBAK utility (restore)
  • [CORE-5580] - Signature of packaged functions is not checked for mismatch with [NOT] DETERMINISTIC attribute
  • [CORE-5588] - DbInfo interface is not passed to ancillary instances of plugin
  • [CORE-5591] - Engine hangs soon after some errors during transaction start


  • [CORE-4913] - Database backup using Nbackup is getting slow when directed to NAS over SMB protocol
  • [CORE-5543] - Restore of pre ODS 11.1 database can leave RDB$RELATION_TYPE null

New Feature

  • [CORE-5536] - Connections compressed and encrypted in MON$ATTACHMENTS table

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