Release Notes - Firebird Core - Version 2.5.9 - HTML format


  • [CORE-2440] - Restoring DB with computed index on computed field provides wrong index and wrong select results
  • [CORE-4565] - GDSCODE can have value = 0 in WHEN-section under some concurrent env., only in SC or CS (not in SS)
  • [CORE-5014] - Interrupt of aux connection during TCP setup phase causes unclear error messages in firebird.log
  • [CORE-5017] - Interrupt of aux connection during TCP setup phase causes server exit due to unhandled exception
  • [CORE-5074] - Lost the charset ID in selection of array element
  • [CORE-5099] - build with gcc6 broken
  • [CORE-5118] - Indices on computed fields are broken after restore (all keys are NULL)
  • [CORE-5685] - Sometime it is impossible to cancel\kill connection executing external query
  • [CORE-5757] - deadlock with events
  • [CORE-5762] - Wrong transaction number in RDB$PAGES relation may cause infinite recusrion in engine and segfault
  • [CORE-5800] - After backup/restore the indexes by expression on computed field are not working properly.
  • [CORE-5847] - "Malformed string" instead of key value in PK violation error message
  • [CORE-5868] - fbintl exports internal functions on darwin
  • [CORE-5910] - Server crash after kill in EDS manager destructor
  • [CORE-5935] - Bugcheck 165 (cannot find tip page)
  • [CORE-5936] - Firebird server segfaults in the end of database backup
  • [CORE-5939] - Crash for "gbak -se -b database nul"
  • [CORE-5943] - Server crashes preparing a query with both DISTINCT/ORDER BY and non-field expression in the select list
  • [CORE-5980] - Firebird crashes due to concurrent operations with expression indices
  • [CORE-6007] - Firebird does not build on Mac with fresh toolchain
  • [CORE-6015] - Segfault when using expression index with complex expression
  • [CORE-6043] - GTTs do not release used space
  • [CORE-6054] - Random crash 64bit fb_inet_server. Possible collation issue
  • [CORE-6064] - Segfaults can (sometimes) result when DDL operations are performed against Stored Procedures under active database/multi-user access conditions.


  • [CORE-2493] - Append the IP address of the remote host to error messages in firebird.log for TCP connections
  • [CORE-5434] - Read-only transactions in SuperServer could avoid immediate write of Header and TIP pages after change
  • [CORE-5853] - Forward-compatible expressions LOCALTIME and LOCALTIMESTAMP

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