Release Notes - Firebird Core - Version 3.0.4 - HTML format


  • [CORE-405] - Garbage vs indices/constraints
  • [CORE-4964] - Real errors during connect to security database are hidden by Srp user manager. Errors should be logged no matter what AuthServer is used.
  • [CORE-5436] - [FB3 SC] Server hangs (under load test)
  • [CORE-5702] - Firebird Handle Leak Windows
  • [CORE-5737] - Invalid parameters of gds transaction in ISQL
  • [CORE-5742] - Incorrect error message in iSQL when trying to create database with wrong password
  • [CORE-5743] - Conversion error when both GROUP/ORDER BY expressions and WHERE expressions contain literals
  • [CORE-5745] - GRANT privileges error during database restore
  • [CORE-5753] - Parser should not allow to use GRANT OPTION for FUNCTION and PACKAGE
  • [CORE-5754] - ALTER TRIGGER check privilege for alter database instead of table
  • [CORE-5755] - No error if the GRANT target object does not exist
  • [CORE-5756] - Regression: FB crashes when trying to recreate table that is in use by DML (3.0.3; 3.0.4; 4.0.0)
  • [CORE-5757] - deadlock with events
  • [CORE-5760] - Server process crashes while restoring database
  • [CORE-5762] - Wrong transaction number in RDB$PAGES relation may cause infinite recusrion in engine and segfault
  • [CORE-5764] - Installation of Firebird 3.0.3 on SLES 12 SP3 fails with ''Could not find acceptable ICU library"
  • [CORE-5765] - Missing directives in Firebird.pas
  • [CORE-5769] - Database crypt plugin sample on Pascal is broken
  • [CORE-5773] - PSQL cursor doesn't see inserted record
  • [CORE-5776] - "Input parameter mismatch" error after altering external function into PSQL function
  • [CORE-5778] - fails if -path argument contains "firebird"
  • [CORE-5780] - Server hangs when client tries to send too long DB encryption key(s)
  • [CORE-5783] - execute statement ignores the text of the SQL-query after a comment of the form "-"
  • [CORE-5788] - Proposed Security Patch: Replacement of use of SHA-1 in the SRP Client Proof with SHA-256
  • [CORE-5790] - User with DROP DATABASE privilege can't drop database
  • [CORE-5791] - ODS for windows builds and linux-x64 (on the one side) and linux-x86 (on the other side) does not match
  • [CORE-5796] - gstat may produce faulty report about presence of some none-encrypted pages in database
  • [CORE-5804] - Multiple error in REVOKE operator
  • [CORE-5815] - Server hangs for 60/120 seconds if client exits during database encryption key transfer callback
  • [CORE-5817] - Unable to compile Firebird with ICU 60 or higer
  • [CORE-5819] - Attachment might not gone after it was DELETEd FROM MON$ATTACHMENTS
  • [CORE-5822] - Client gets SQLSTATE = 28000 ("user/password not defined") if WireCrypt = Disabled is used on client side. Rather error SQLSTATE = 08006 ("Error occurred... check server firebird.log") should be raised
  • [CORE-5824] - Segmentation fault during install on Linux
  • [CORE-5829] - gsec does not release user manager plugin
  • [CORE-5830] - Encryption Interface crashing Firebird process when working on big db file (6.7GB)
  • [CORE-5831] - Not user friendly output of gstat at encrypted database
  • [CORE-5833] - DDL triggers for some object types (views, exceptions, roles, indexes, domains) are lost in backup-restore process
  • [CORE-5837] - Inconsistent results when working with GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS
  • [CORE-5843] - Wrong handling of failures of TRANSACTION START trigger
  • [CORE-5844] - Firebird freeze for new connections
  • [CORE-5846] - CREATE VIEW issues "Implementation of text subtype 512 not located"
  • [CORE-5847] - "Malformed string" instead of key value in PK violation error message
  • [CORE-5852] - There is no check of existance generator and exception when privileges are granted
  • [CORE-5863] - Classic process crashes when client disconnected
  • [CORE-5865] - Alignment error on x86_64
  • [CORE-5869] - Sweep can't move OIT value over 2^32, when Next already greater than 2^32 (4'294'967'296)
  • [CORE-5870] - ISQL's "show database" command works wrong with 64-bit numbers
  • [CORE-5872] - Database validation reports false errors "Record XXX has bad transaction" and\or "Record XXX is wrong length" when record transaction number is greater than 2^32
  • [CORE-5884] - Initial global mapping from srp plugin does not work
  • [CORE-5891] - Invalid events are released in mapping shared memory when dead process is detected


  • [CORE-5853] - Forward-compatible expressions LOCALTIME and LOCALTIMESTAMP
  • [CORE-5876] - Provide name of udf function for "arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation"


  • [CORE-5746] - Remove the restriction on create/delete, enable/disable the user indexes in system tables
  • [CORE-5772] - Client hangs when working with events under high load

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