Release Notes - Firebird Core - Version 3.0.4 - HTML format


  • [CORE-5737] - Invalid parameters of gds transaction in ISQL
  • [CORE-5742] - Incorrect error message in iSQL when trying to create database with wrong password
  • [CORE-5743] - Conversion error when both GROUP/ORDER BY expressions and WHERE expressions contain literals
  • [CORE-5745] - GRANT privileges error during database restore
  • [CORE-5753] - Parser should not allow to use GRANT OPTION for FUNCTION and PACKAGE
  • [CORE-5754] - ALTER TRIGGER check privilege for alter database instead of table
  • [CORE-5756] - Regression: FB crashes when trying to recreate table that is in use by DML (3.0.3; 3.0.4; 4.0.0)

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