Release Notes - Firebird Core - Version 4.0 Beta 2 - HTML format


  • [CORE-3925] - Creating self-referential FK crashes database (bug-check) whether constraint violation had place
  • [CORE-5074] - Lost the charset ID in selection of array element
  • [CORE-5099] - build with gcc6 broken
  • [CORE-5445] - Cannot install on Debian Stretch/Testing because version of LibTomMath library
  • [CORE-5696] - Conversion from zero numeric literals to DECFLOAT results in incorrect value
  • [CORE-5697] - Conversion from numeric literals to DECFLOAT adds precision that is not originally present
  • [CORE-5888] - Firebird server on Android has problem with numerics
  • [CORE-5892] - SQL SECURITY DEFINER context is not properly evaluated for monitoring tables
  • [CORE-6007] - Firebird does not build on Mac with fresh toolchain
  • [CORE-6015] - Segfault when using expression index with complex expression
  • [CORE-6019] - Wire compression not working without MSVC 2010 runtime installation (FB4 Beta1)
  • [CORE-6026] - Alignment issue with FB_MESSAGE C++ macro (as well UDR macros) and BIGINT/DECFLOAT types in Linux 32-bits
  • [CORE-6027] - Server hang on new attachment right after trace session stop
  • [CORE-6028] - Trigger on system table restored in FB3 database and can't be deleted
  • [CORE-6031] - Little valgrind memory leak in isc_attach_database
  • [CORE-6033] - SUBSTRING(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) does not work
  • [CORE-6034] - The original time zone should be set to the current time zone at routine invocation
  • [CORE-6038] - Srp user manager sporadically creates users which can not attach
  • [CORE-6040] - Metadata script extracted using ISQL is invalid/incorrect when table has COMPUTED BY field
  • [CORE-6043] - GTTs do not release used space
  • [CORE-6044] - ISQL issues with increased identifier length
  • [CORE-6045] - Segmentation fault in fbtracemgr when closing it using ctrl-C
  • [CORE-6046] - Incorrect time zone parsing reads garbage in memory
  • [CORE-6050] - When FB 3 fbclient.dll connects to a remote FB 2.5 server, it tries to open local (client-side) directories and files
  • [CORE-6056] - overflow warings in some collations
  • [CORE-6061] - Building with --with-builtin-tommath doesn't work
  • [CORE-6063] - FB3 (protocol 13) returns op_accept instead op_accept_data
  • [CORE-6067] - Memory leak in fbclient
  • [CORE-6068] - Server hangs when compiling big package with error
  • [CORE-6071] - Restore of encrypted backup of database with SQL dialect 1 fails
  • [CORE-6078] - Permissions for create or alter statements are not checked.
  • [CORE-6080] - Attempt to drop existing user randomly fails with "336723990 : record not found for user"
  • [CORE-6086] - Creating of the large procedure crashes the server.
  • [CORE-6087] - Problem with casting within UNION
  • [CORE-6089] - BLOBs are unnecessarily copied during UPDATE after a table format change
  • [CORE-6090] - BLOB fields may be suddenly set to NULLs during UPDATE after a table format change
  • [CORE-6097] - Connection does not see itself in the MON$ATTACHMENTS when Domain/Username (using SSPI) is 31 bytes long


  • [CORE-4726] - Provide ability to do: REcreate user <user_name> password <user_pwd>
  • [CORE-5658] - Execute statement with excess parameters
  • [CORE-6004] - Add a configuration switch to disable the "TCP Loopback Fast Path" option (Windows only)
  • [CORE-6017] - Add transaction info fb_info_tra_snapshot_number
  • [CORE-6032] - Add DPB properties for time zone bind and decfloat configuration
  • [CORE-6049] - Builtin functions converting binary string to hexadecimal representation and vice versa
  • [CORE-6058] - Change behavior of skipped and repeated wall times within time zones
  • [CORE-6069] - Show OS-specific error when entrypont is not found in dynamic library
  • [CORE-6072] - Ensure providers compatibility across versions

New Feature

  • [CORE-6018] - Make it possible to start multiple transactions (possibly in different attachments) using the same initial transaction snapshot




  • [CORE-6009] - I/O error during "open" operation for file "/tmp/firebird/fb_trace_*" in firebird.log
  • [CORE-6083] - USING PLUGIN clause does not work in RECREATE USER
  • [CORE-6091] - Errors when processing correct SQL statements in engine12 provider loaded by FB4 server
  • [CORE-6093] - Errors simultaneously accessing security database from two engines

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